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70 miles Southeast of Tucson, AZ

EXCEL Firearms Training Center CCW Course   
for AZ CCW Permit - $65 (see below)

Military and Veteran discounts available

EFTC Law & Legal Class - $35  For those who do not want a CCW permit but desire to know the laws regarding carrying a handgun and using lawful deadly force for personal protection. This is a four hour class during the CCW afternoon classroom. You will receive a completion certificate. See CCW classroom dates below. A new law came into effect at the end of July 2010 which allows law abiding citizens to carry a legal handgun concealed without a permit in Arizona.

CCW permit holders with an upcoming expiring permit:

see CCW Renewal block below

EXCEL Firearms Training Center CCW Course

Please note:  Our new policy requires that you must call our Range Chief, Marty Hargraves to arrange a time for required range training and qualification for the AZ CCW  handgun qualification requirement held on our Handgun Safety Qualification Range BEFORE you can attend the CCW Classroom requirement.  (see contact info below).  For the qualification portion, you must bring 20 rounds of Hollow Point or Soft Point ammunition  simulating personal protection defensive fire at a picture target of a criminal displaying a deadly weapon.  No other ammunition will be allowed for qualification (NO BALL AMMUNITION for the qualififcation portion)

If you dislike our policy of training for personal protection in the qualification portion, please choose another AZ DPS Approved Organization from AZ DPS website www.azdps.gov/Services/Concealed_Weapons/Training/?s=1

AZ DPS minimum requirement is 10 shots at a TQ-15 silhouette target. EXCEL Firearms Training Center goes above the bare minimums with permission by AZ DPS to use picture targets with 20 rounds fired.  Research shows that most personal protection shootings, the criminal can be seen similar to a picture target.

Marty's contact info:  (local cell #) 520-678-0323 
(Please mention that you need to be range qualified for the CCW Course)
Please do NOT wait until the week of the class to decide to take the course. If we do not have 6 registered/paid students by Tuesday, the week of the classroom portion held on a Saturday, we will cancel the Course. Classroom dates are:
Saturdays: Jan 29, Feb 26, Mar 26, Apr 23, May 21, Jun 25,

2011 Arizona CCW Permit Class Schedule
2011 EFTC CCW Optonal Refresher Class Schedule
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Personal Protection Handgun Class [ON HOLD]
CCW & CCWR Class Registration 
EFTC CCW, CCWR & PPH Application and Maps

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As of September 21, 2006, renewal training (classroom and range) is no longer required.  Keep reading for further info.

We at EFTC hope you are planning on keeping up with the laws related to CCW as they are changing monthly.

For further info on how to get caught up at no cost or low cost, please email us at  excelftc@superquality.com  (please put in the subject line "Catch up for no cost or low cost")  Ignorance of the law is no excuse!  

Please go to AZ DPS website for more info regarding this new AZ State law:  www.azdps.gov/Services/Concealed_Weapons/

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Bill Simotti: Chief Instructor / Range Master
DPS Approved Instructor
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

NRA Instructor (Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Personal Protection & Home Firearms Responsibility)

Marty Hargraves: Lead Instructor / Range Chief   520-678-0323
DPS Approved Instructor
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
NRA Pistol & Personal Protection
Profession: Range Control Operations Inspector & 37 years Ex-Law Enforcement 
Marshall Ojerio: Instructor
DPS Approved Instructor
NRA Range Safety Officer
NRA Pistol & Personal Protection
Range Master for Sierra Vista Gun Club

Jim Pitts: Instructor
DPS Approved Instructor
NRA Pistol & Personal Protection

To Register or for further info:
EXCEL Firearms Training Center
Phone: 520-458-8571 3# for recorded information
Phone: 520-458-8571 1# Talk to Bill
: excelftc@superquality.com
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